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5 Reason you need a Personal Trainer!

If you find yourself doing the same kind of workout over and over, then this could affect your results as well as your motivation

If you’re looking for that extra push to take the leap and sign up with  Personal Trainer, check out these 5 reasons you should get a personal trainer and make your first booking today.

Whether you’re a complete newbie to exercise and want someone to show you the ropes, or you’re a regular gym-goer who needs someone to take your results to the next level, a personal trainer just might be the thing you need.

  1. Motivation on demand

It’s not just that they know every squat variation in the world, or that they always have their ear to the ground when it comes to the next hottest workout to come over from the States. Having a good personal trainer gets you working hard, wanting to achieve more and actually getting motivated enough to hit your goals. Whether it’s a pat on the back for a new PB or a high five at the end of a tough set, you just don’t get that kind of motivation on your own.

  1. A fresh perspective

Even the biggest gym fanatics can get stuck in a rut sometimes. If you find yourself doing the same kind of workout over and over, then this could affect your results as well as your motivation. Your Personal Trainer  will know about new moves, methods and even nutrition ideas that’ll not only keep you interested but will shock your body into responding – and this means results.

  1. Staying safe

There are some exercises like a bench press that require a spotter if you really want to give it your all, and a Personal trainer can do that for you. But having regular guidance could also spark a confidence in you to try all sorts of exercises that you might either be embarrassed or scared to try on your own. Whether it involves heavier lifting than you’re used to or coordination that you’re just not sure you have, your Personal trainer is there to guide you and keep you safe.

  1. The right form

Watching yourself in the mirror is useful to check on form, but having a Personal trainer  who can keep an eye on you from all angles is even better. The slightest adjustments could bring about huge changes, getting you stronger or fitter, quicker.

  1. Get flexible

We don’t mean flexible in terms of touching your toes or doing the splits – although a Personal  can help you with that, too! But having a Personal Trainer  who works throughout the day means that you can book a slot that’s convenient to you, rather than sticking to a class timetable that has you rushing around in order to be on time. Plus, if you hit the gym on your own, there’s no hanging around for equipment to become free.

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